Conrad and ESKA: a strong connection for 50 years

Conrad honoured to receive an award for 50 years of successful distribution partnership

Annette Schweizer-Leischner, Owner and Managing Director of ESKA ERICH SCHWEIZER GmbH and Dr. Werner Conrad, Owner and CEO of Conrad Electronic, attended the award ceremony.

The 50-year partnership between Conrad and ESKA was initiated in 1968 by Werner Conrad (the grandfather of the current managing director) and Erich Schweizer (father of the current managing director), and started originally with a range of about 100 different fuses. Since then, the partnership has developed across both generations and time. Today, ESKA sells 2,500 items via Conrad, and honours with this award the long-standing successful distribution partnership between the two companies.

“Conrad is one of the most important key accounts for ESKA today, and enjoys exclusivity for online distribution,” says Managing Director Annette Schweizer-Leischner, acknowledging the long-standing distribution partnership between the two companies. "Since the beginning of our partnership, Conrad has experienced rapid growth, and ESKA is proud to be a part of that success. Continuity, confidence, and innovation are the foundation of the next 50 years of this success story, just like the standard that was set by our fathers.”

“It is a great honour for us to receive this award, which not only confirms the success of our collaboration, but is also a sign that we have been able to satisfy the needs of our customers over the past 50 years with ESKA,” said Dr. Werner Conrad during the presentation of the award.

For more than 70 years, ESKA Erich Schweizer GmbH has been developing and manufacturing a trend-setting product range in the field of safety technology at its headquarters in Kassel under the quality label “Made in Germany”. At Conrad, the company offers innovative products for building services, green energy, photovoltaics, smart home, medical, white goods, consumer electronics and industrial applications (such as control and measurement).

Further information about ESKA’s product range at Conrad can be found here.


Fuseholder for Fuses MAXI COMPACT & M8 COMPACT

New Automotive Fuseholder for Maxi Compact- and M8 Compact Fuses

In the course of further development of it´s linecard, ESKA presents the newest addition of the automotive fuseholders of MTA: the articles Maxi Compact (ESKA 03.01881) and M8 Compact (ESKA 03.01883). Both items consist of black, dull coloured plastic material (Polyamid PA 66) and are characterised by mechanical stability, stiffness, continuous operating temperature and heat distortion resistance.

Maxi Compact fuseholder, ESKA 03.01881

Designed to the Maxi Compact fuses ESKA 343.4xx-MC, this fuseholder offers a perfect access cable protection, marginal space requirements  and due to it´s lateral arrest it is able to be connected with further fuseholders fix in a row.

M8 Compact fuseholder, ESKA 03.01883

Designed to the M8 Compact fuses ESKA 343.4xx-M8C, this fuseholder offers a perfect access cable protection, marginal space requirements  and due to it´s lateral arrest it is able to be connected with further fuseholders fix in a row.

The fuses of the shown fuseholders have to be ordered separately.
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Mini Circuit Breaker ESKA 345.000 + 346.000

New thermal Mini Circuit Breaker with manual reset

Thermal circuit breakers are perfectly suitable for the protection of motors, wiring systems, transformers and low-voltage cables.

The product contains a bimetal element. When exceeding a defined current, the resulting heat triggers this bimetal element.

Due to their small design, these circuit breakers are especially suited for usage in the automotive area and for the integration of areas that are difficult of access.

TypeVoltageCurrentBreaking capacity
ESKA 345.00028 V5 A – 30 A100 A – 300 A
ESKA 346.00058 V5 A – 30 A100 A – 300 A

For more information or detailed data sheets, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team.


ESKA 503.910

SMD fuseholder for 5x20 mm fuses

The new SMD fuseholder ESKA 503.910 is designed for 5 x 20 mm fuses with a maximum rated current of 10A and a maximum of 250V rated voltage – immediately available from stock.

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ESKA – All around the fuse

Thanks to our own printing machine, we can now not only customize the technical parameters of our fuses according to your requirements, we are also able to imprint your technical parameters, name or logo on the fuses produced for you.


ESKA 390.000 - New fuseholder for MINI Automotive blade fuses Print mounting, 42V, max. 30A

As of today, the new fuseholder ESKA no. 390.000 is available with a lead time of approx. 3 weeks and 1,000 pcs MOQ. The fuseholder can be equipped with the Mini blade fuses of the ESKA series 341.100. For dimensions and pin layout, please see the drawings below.

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Sub Miniature Fuses ESKA 883.xxx-LP

Lower profile and higher rated currents.

Smaller and more efficient – but safe!

For years the innovation in the area of electronics and electrical engineering is concentrating on creating smaller and more efficient products. Throughout this process our focus stays on / we focus on the safety of your products. This is why ESKA presents the new sub miniature fuses of the 883.xxx-LP series with optimized technical characteristics, such as a lower profile and higher rated currents.
The height of the subminiature fuses is reduced from 7.7 mm to 5 mm. We still provide the well-known 250 V versions with a breaking capacity of 100 A. However, as of today the sub miniature fuses are also available with a voltage of 400 V and a breaking current of 50 A.

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Invitation to the PCIM 2017 in Nuremberg!

For the first time, ESKA presents its development potential during the PCIM 2017 in Nuremberg.

PCIM Europe (Power conversion and Intelligent Motion) is the international leading exhibition for Power Electronics, Intelligent Motion, Renewable Energy and Energy Management.

Use that opportunity to discuss your personal project enquiry with us. Our Managing Director Ms Schweizer-Leischner and our development engineer Mr Eckhardt are looking forward to welcome you at our booth 6-351.

Save your personal entry voucher now and book a meeting with us at our booth.

We are looking forward to welcome you at our booth!


NEW at ESKA – DC-fuses - The ESKA quality

The Challenge
A miniature fuse has to safely disrupt a short circuit or overcurrent and
extinguish the electric arc even in direct currents.

Discover ESKA’s excellent solutions.

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ESKA DC Sicherung 5x20 mm News Juni 2016

ESKA DC-Sicherung News Juni 2016

DC-Sicherung 5x20 mm – Serie 522.600

DC-Sicherungsserie mit träger Charakteristik, 250VDC und 200A Schaltvermögen

Kassel, Juni 2016

In den letzten Jahren sind Anwendungen, die Gleichspannung benötigen, sprunghaft angestiegen. Immer mehr elektronische Geräte sind mit Netzteilen ausgestattet, die die in unseren Netzen übliche Wechselspannung in Gleichspannung umwandeln. Beispielhafte Geräte, die in nahezu jedem Haushalt zu finden sind, wären Ladestecker für Handy, Laptop & Co.. Aber auch außerhalb dieser Geräte wird immer mehr Gleichspannung eingesetzt.

Um im Falle eines Überstromes eine Gefahr für Leib und Leben abzuwenden, muss der Überstrom schnell und zuverlässig, meistens durch eine Geräteschutzsicherung, unterbrochen werden. Um den steigenden Anforderungen gerecht zu werden, hat ESKA eine träge Geräteschutzsicherung der gängigen Baugröße 5x20 mm für Gleichstromanwendungen entwickelt. Durch die Serie 522.600 können Überströme / Kurzschlüsse bis zu 200A bei einer Spannung von 250VDC sicher unterbrochen werden. In dieser Serie sind Sicherungen mit Nennströmen in einer Range von 100mA bis zu 10A erhältlich.

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New Automotive blade fuses with quick acting characteristic for 58V DC rated voltage

The already well known Automotive blade fuses are now also available for 58V rated voltage. The housing dimensions as well as the available amperages remain the same as the already known 32V versions. Application options are to be found in all areas of the Automotive Industry.

Mini:ESKA 341.1xx-58V   (2A - 30A)
Standard:ESKA 340.0xx-58V   (2A - 40A)
Maxi:ESKA 343.4xx-58V   (20A - 100A)

Also new to the range:
Low Profile:ESKA 344.1xx-58V   (2A - 30A)
Super Mini:ESKA 341.7xx-58V   (2A - 30A)

For more information or detailed data sheets, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team.